Why Super Smash Bros Can Be So Mentally Satisfying

Smash Bros has been around for 20 years now. That’s a bit hard to believe. Since the Nintendo 64 days, everyone has been duking it out with their favorite Nintendo characters. And of course, Smash has expanded, with characters from third-party series as well such as Castlevania, Metal Gear, Persona 5, and more.

Not everyone is a Smash fan. Some may just see it as a silly brawl between popular character. Some fighting game snobs may curl their nose and say it’s not a real fighting game. However, we love Smash Bros, and one of the reasons is that it’s just so mentally satisfying. Here are a few reasons why.

It’s Fast

Smash Ultimate is a lot faster paced than its previous outing, which helps stimulate your brain a bit more. You have to be on your toes constantly, dodging, dashing, and jumping your way to victory. Matches can end quickly or be a longer-paced match of wits. With a few well-paced blows, you can lose the game or come on top.

Being so fast helps stimulate your brain a bit more, and every match just feels so satisfying as a result. At least, we think so.

Gotta Catch ‘Em All

Smash Ultimate has a lot of characters. A lot. And most of them you have to unlock. The game starts off with the original fighters from Smash 64, and then you gradually unlock the other characters, either through its campaign or by fighting a lot. Once you see a character approach and you defeat them, it just feels so good, especially when you get them all.

It Gets People Together

Smash is the perfect game to play with people. You can play with items for a more casual game that is good for parties or for playing with families. This allows it to be newbie friendly and doesn’t gatekeep too much. By the way, if you want more ideas for a family game night,  come here.

If you’re someone who wants more competitive play, there is a tournament scene, and hardcore discussion about the characters and fighting other pros can help unite people and satisfy your social needs. If you’re someone who wants to fulfill their social needs, Smash is the game for you. It, along with other games like Mario Kart, just feel so satisfying.

It Encourages Growth

If you play competitively, there are times where you’re going to lose. Sometimes, badly. Three stocked, either by the other player or by your own mistakes, can make you upset, but a good Smash player just grows more and figures out where they went wrong. This trial and error playing and training can be satisfying for the mind and encourage you to persevere no matter what life throws at you.

It’s Just Fun

Finally, the last reason why this game is so mentally satisfying is that it’s so fun to play or watch. Watching characters fly off the screen, getting your character trapped in a tricky combo, the list goes on. It’s pure art, and even someone who doesn’t like the game may like watching it.

Seek Help!

With that said, there are many other ways one can stimulate their minds. If you’re dealing with stress, anxiety, or anger from losing too much, you may want to speak to a counselor. An online counselor can help you grow as a person, and you can find the help you need. Sites like            Regain.us allow you to find the help you need and then some. We highly recommend you try them out and see what they can do for you.

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