Super Smash Bros Ultimate director says that the game is balanced

When a video game has a vibrant competitive scene releasing balance patches becomes a critical job. The difficulty grows exponentially when a larger number of playable characters are involved. In the case of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate we are talking about 75 playable characters, each of them offering a unique experience and packing its own gameplay quirks.

The tier lists will usually play a critical role when we are looking at balance choices since characters that aren’t particularly popular will get buffed while those that seem to perform a bit too well could be hit with a swing of the nerf hammer.

The director of Smash Bros Ultimate, Masahiro Sakurai, has recently stated that players of the game are matched according to their skill and the matches are evenly balanced. The statement was accompanied by a few practical examples.

Many players argue that King K. Rool, one of the most popular characters, is particularly effective against new players. According to Sakurai, the character enjoys a reasonable win rate of 51.9 percent in VIP matches, a mode that was built for the best ranked players from all over the world since your rating plays a critical role in matchmaking.

Sakurai has also noted that the game is very balanced at this point, nothing that the highest and lowest win rate reach 60% and 40% respectively, for each of the characters that are currently available. In fact, the highest win ration is below 60%, as the current ratio is 56.8%.

The current meta is spearheaded by Cloud and Ganondorf as the most popular characters. Cloud is particularly popular in the standard play mode and Ganondorf is favored in VIP matches. Player data reveals that Ganondorf’s winrate is below 50%, reaching a meager 47.9% which places him in the lower levels of battle rankings.

Sakurai notes that at this point there is no need to balance the game at this point but some updates could arrive in the future.

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