Apple Patches Security Flaw Used for Jailbreaking

The 12.4 iOS update which was released in arrived with a selection of bug fixes and changes which aimed to improve the user experience.

Alongside the benefits a small security flaw made into the stable version, allowing jailbreak developers to bring their patches on newer iPhones. To address this issue Apple decided to push an emergency update which should remove the vulnerability. It was also noted that the bug offered more access to rights to the accounts which were registered on vulnerable devices.

Some iPhone or iPad users prefer to install a jailbreak solution on their devices. The software modification will allow them to install apps which aren’t available in the App Store and to gain access to settings and functions which aren’t available under the default version of the OS.

The bug was discovered by a bug hunter who worked with Google Project Zero. Apple acknowledged his effort, and he receives official thanks in the release note for iOS 12.4.1. It seems that the bug allowed a malicious application to run code with admin privileges.

According to security researchers, the bug was spotted in a previous version of iOS, and it was patched when iOS 12.3 was released. Any devices which run iOS 12.4 or a version lower than iOS 12.3 are vulnerable and can be targeted by an exploit.

A functional jailbreak for iOS 12.4 is already available. Apple has fought against jailbreak solutions since the first versions appeared, arguing that using them will make the device vulnerable to malicious third-party apps which can be used to steal valuable data from the device.

The developer who created the jailbreak for 12.4 mentioned that the vulnerability could be exploited to create powerful spyware by escaping the sandbox restrictions imposed by the operating system. There other ways to inject malware, among which we can count the use of a fake webpage linked to a browser exploit.

Tesla Pickup Truck Update – Best Ford F-150 Alternative

The upcoming pickup truck from Tesla is getting a lot of attention from prospective buyers. But no one has actually seen the vehicle yet. The only promotional material that Tesla have offered is a vague teaser. This happened earlier this year during the launch of the Model Y.

As you can imagine, the truck from Tesla has a real futuristic look on it. It looks like something from Bladerunner. Elon Musk referred to the vehicle as a cyberpunk truck. We currently have no idea whatsoever on how the pickup truck will be like but Elon says it will be ready to showcase by the end of the year.

Little things we know

Elon gave us some tidbits concerning the truck. Namely that it as a towing capacity of 300.000 pounds and it has been built to be a futuristic alternative to the Ford F-150. Because it will be electric, the truck will be quite fast.

As Elon even said it will be better than a Porsche 911. That means it will reach 60 mph in around 4 seconds, a little bit slower than the R1T truck.

So, the upcoming Tesla pickup truck will be a rival for the Ford F-150. That means it should also be competitive in terms of price. Reports are confirming this, as the price should start at $49.000, making the vehicle relatively affordable.

Will the Tesla pickup truck be for you?

Elon commented that the consumer should get a great truck for the sum of $49K and his company will deliver on that. The R1T will struggle a little bit to compete with the new Tesla as it is priced at $69K for the base model. The R1T Rivian will still win out with the more conservative customers that need pickup trucks.

The futuristic design might be kept but this means that it will take some time for consumers to adapt to the trends. Alternatively, Tesla might just provide a more conservative design to try and please everyone.

Best Methods to Turn Off iPhone X / XS

Turning off an iPhone in the past was easy enough. You just needed to press a button. And that button was at the top of the phone. After pressing the power button you had a slider on the screen that you needed to activate to confirm the shutdown.

Because people don’t usually turn off their phones very often, Apple has shifted things around with the introduction of the iPhone X and XS. Turning off these phones requires a little more effort. The side lock button now has a couple of new functions. Siri has been moved there as well as Apple Pay. So, how do you turn the iPhone off?

Shutdown with buttons

A button power off can still be used on the new iPhones. But pressing the lock key that used to be the power button does not work. What you need to do is press the lock button together with a volume button.

Keep pressing them both for a few seconds and you will get the slider to shutdown. If you do not hold down the keys, you will get a popup that you do not want. Either Siri, Apple Pay, locking the phone, or taking a screenshot.

Shutdown with Settings

If you can’t be bothered to keep pressing the buttons, there is another option. Go to Settings – General – Shut Down and move the slider. The Shutdown option is at the bottom of the screen, near to the Reset. Don’t press that one.

Shutdown with Assistive Touch

In case you’re having issues with your buttons, you can create a digital one with Assistive Touch. The virtual button has a lot of uses. Enable it and press Shut Down when needed. You can also restart your iPhone with this function.

Settings – General – Accessibility – Assistive Touch – Enable – Select Shut Down

Google warns the public that tens of millions of Android Phones come preloaded with malware

Google’s security research team found out that millions of shiny new Android phones are purchased with dangerous malware that is factory – installed. That is right, malware, not bloatware. Unfortunately, many users trust that their newly purchased smartphones are safe and clean, and nobody suspects that hidden factory – installed malware can download other malware in the background, committing fraud and in some cases taking over the host device.

Great number

New phones can be bundled with as many as 400 apps factory-installed, most of which are just plain bloatware.

Maddie Stone, security researcher for Google’s Project Zero says that her team found out that in the case that malware or security issues come as a “feature” straight from the factory, the possible damage is greater and this risk greatly impacts Android’s Open – Source Project (AOSP), which is a low cost alternative to the full-fat version designed for budget phones to keep prices low.

While Google didn’t officially reveal details about the involved brands of phones, it turns out that more than 200 device manufacturers are guilty, featuring some malware that allows devices to be attacked remotely.

Effort from Google

Google is working on helping device manufacturers protect and prevent users from such trouble. Approximations say that the number of infected devices decreased from 7.4 million to “only” 700.000 over the course of a year.

Unfortunately, not even apps from Google’s PlayStore are safe, as some are basically just malware disguised as useful apps. Time will pass and it will all change, but as for right now, users need to keep careful track of what’s happening on their smartphones.

Pocket Cinema Camera 6K from Blackmagic Design Available with New Improvements

Cinematography enthusiasts and professionals, we have a new camera for you that you might like. Keep reading if you want to find out more about it.

Blackmagic Design has announced a new model of camera that you can use if you are into cinematography. We’ll tell you all about it.

So, what‘s the new camera?

The new model is called Pocket Cinema Camera 6K. If it looks familiar to you is because it resembles a lot with the one released last year. That camera was the 4k model.

The features of the camera

The sensor of the Pocket Cinema Camera 6K is bigger than the one from last year. We heard that it can shoot in Super 35 format. Also, another important thing about the camera is the resolution and we have that information for you. Pocket Cinema Camera 6K has a 6144 x 3456 resolution.

What improvements bring the Super 35 format?

The fact that the camera helps you shoot in Super 35 has a lot of advantages for the quality of your videos. The Super 35 will improve your low-light performance, but that’s not all. It will also allow you to better control the focus of your camera and the distance between the nearest and the furthest object that you want to shoot.

Also, the camera is equipped with Canon’s EF lens mount and not the 4K’s Micro Four Thirds as we were expected.

Other features are: mini XLR, DC power, mic input and full-size HDMI. It has the same five-inch touchscreen as the previous model.

You can purchase now the new Pocket Cinema Camera 6K. Its price is more expensive than the 4K model, we’re talking about almost double the price. To be more specific, the new camera is $2,495. We hope that we convinced you of the quality of the Pocket Cinema Camera 6K.