Samsung Galaxy Watch LTE Gets One UI Update with Improved Visual Graphics

Samsung is coming with a new update to its software. One UI from May 2019. The update is coming to an essential product from the company, the Samsung Galaxy Watch. The company doesn’t issue this update for the product, but since One UI is an integral part of Samsung, the update is precious for all its devices.

First of all, you must know what One UI is. The One UI is a software designed by Samsung for its devices, and its purpose is to provide a better User Interface experience. Samsung launches the software in 2018 alongside with the update to Android 9 Pie. Before One UI existence, Samsung had TouchWiz and Samsung Experience that was doing the same thing as the current one.

Second of all, you must know what the Galaxy Watch LTE is. Samsung Galaxy Watch LTE is a smartwatch model with 4G LTE incorporated and it’s featuring calling and high-speed internet connection in the little device. The smartwatch is offering a healthy battery life that lasts for four days and is looking classy at the same time. The design of the watch is efficient and, and it is a perfect competitor to Apple Watch 4, but at a lower price. Until now, the watch’s UI experience was lacking, but with the new update provided by Samsung, everything will change.

One UI Update to Galaxy Smart Watch – Features

Take note that the Samsung Galaxy Watch One UI has two versions, and because of that, the update comes with two different software versions. The difference depends on your location, so we have version R805USQU1BSE3 and version R805FXXU1ESE6. Let’s see what the update is bringing.

  1. The new addition of new animations and improved visual graphics;
  2. Now you can wake the watch by tapping on it since until now you were pressing the button from the side;
  3. You can keep track of your daily physical activities with the new feature added;
  4. You will see new notifications for different scenarios added from earlier events;
  5. New battery optimization is coming with the latest update to the One UI, and now the battery is saving itself by stopping some features.

Finally, with the new update of the One UI to Samsung Galaxy Watch LTE is improving your experience in a significant way.

Top 4 Time Management Apps for Freelancers

Beyond the freedom to work in your own time and from the comfort of your own home, freelancers have to face certain hurdles in order to get the work done. The good news is that there are apps for every part of the freelance process with Siusto listing 4 invoicing apps that will ensure freelancers get paid on time.

Another challenge involves managing the work-life balance. Working at home can make you vulnerable to multitasking – like watching TV or browsing social media. Sometimes, you may even take on too much work, and get buried under the amount of projects you’re doing. These 4 time management apps will help you sort out your workload and get things done.


(Image credit: LikeHacker)

Trello is a project management app that helps you visualize your work. In Trello you can create a board for each project then add items under those lists (called “cards”), where you can put comments, checklists and even attach files. Trello’s mobile layout is very user-friendly, and combined with its functionality can be a solution for freelance workers who have several projects on the go or working with other team members.


(Image credit: CoSpot)

Like Trello, Asana lets you set up tasks, organize them into projects, and set due dates. The factor that sets Asana apart from other project management apps is how it offers more workflow functionality. In CMS Wire’s Trello and Asana comparison, an Asana project workspace allows you to add and name a column for each step in a project cycle. Tasks are then added at the first step, labeled, then dragged across the workspace as they near completion. However, Asana has a lot of things going on in its project boards, and this can get confusing for first-time users.


(Image Credit: IDG)

Evernote is a note-taking app that has the capacity to create, organize and sync your notes throughout multiple platforms. Computer World notes that the app really shines with its web-clipping tool. You can use this tool to capture screenshots, texts and even simplified versions of the webpage. Evernote can help you gather internet research without the hassle of copying and pasting or even downloading.


(Image Credit: Medium)

This is a task management software where you can create projects, update their status, and plan your week. The app is connected to Google Calendar allowing you to see any upcoming deadlines and future tasks. If you have a bunch of ideas for a project, you can use Todoist’s inbox to store them.

The freelance market is extremely competitive with more people joining it each year. Yoss’s analysis of freelance hiring in the tech sector shows how companies are looking to only recruit from the top 1% of talent. This means that companies are not only looking for technical skills, but also freelancers who can manage their workload. As you become more successful and receive more work, you need to learn how to prioritize projects and finish them on schedule. Otherwise you’ll find it hard to be assigned work.

Apple Wins Patent that could Be Used to Create a Foldable iPhone

The US Patent and Trademark Office has just granted Apple a new patent for a foldable screen that could be used in future iPhones or other devices from Apple. The patent describes that the display and the cover of an electronic device are flexible or bendable.

Apple filed the patent application last year in January, along with other patents that also revolve around the idea of a foldable display. Considering that many companies are looking to manufacture a smartphone that can be folded, it’s no wonder Apple wants to try their hand at the new tech. However, we must all remember that not all patent ideas can be integrated into products if they’re not feasible.

What does the tech world believe about a foldable iPhone?

Daniel Ives, who is an analyst at Wedbush Securities, explained in an interview with CNN Business that:

“Foldable phones and 5G represent the next generation of smartphones in the coming years,” and added that Apple has been on the fence about this tech for years, starting back in 2017.

The past patents filed by Apple included flexible displays that had touch sensors and parts that would open and close a device like a book. There was also an idea of a flexible iPhone that would fold in half, and you could just clip in on your clothes like a pin.

Ives added that this new patent from Apple “shows this is something on its roadmap.”

Back in February 2019, both Samsung and Huawei presented their foldable smartphones, but months have passed, and the manufacturers are struggling to deliver their products to the market after some technical issues.

Some of the negative reviews were for the $2,000 Samsung Galaxy Fold, which broke after 2 days of use because the people that tried the device peeled off an essential protection for the screen, thinking it was only a removable screen protector. Samsung had to delay the launch in April, and last week Best Buy even canceled all pre-orders of the Galaxy Fold.

Meanwhile, Samsung stated that they would improve the protective screen, also enhancing “the guidance on care and use of the display including the protective layer so that our customers get the most out of their Galaxy Fold.”

Huawei won’t be able to deliver any new devices to the US after the export ban. As for the foldable device from Apple, Ives believes that, if they’re actually working on one, the company might be able to release a foldable smartphone by the end of 2020 or in early 2021. He concluded that, while Apple is behind Samsung, they have an advantage considering that the Galaxy Fold has had technical issues as well as expensive pricing.”

GOG Galaxy 2.0 comes with impressive features

Lots of complains about Epic Games and Epic Games Store are unjustified but some have a point. There are a couple of reasons why people don’t want to transfer even if they keep using Origin, Discord and so on, more than before.

GOG is now attempting to remove all limitations in gaming with their new GOG Galaxy 2.0, with some of the features included in the list below.

One Library

Upload all your games from consoles and PC and categorise them into one main collection


You can fully customize your library views

Game Launcher

Import, install and play any PC game you want

Game Stats

Record your achievements, hours spent playing and the games you own, linked across all platforms

Games Discovery

Discover upcoming releases, and find other games

These are only the base options of the upcoming service, with a more amazing feature being the link to consoles, although it won’t have the ability to open a title on the console. Besides the games, other features are being prepared by GOG Galaxy 2.0:

Leaderboards lets you see the ranking

Activity Feed allows you to see other players’ achievements, their time spent playing and most recent accessed games

Cross-platform Chat lets you chat with your friends regardless of the platform they are on

All these impressive features will be brought by a service which will apparently not be spying on the user’s data on their computer, also will never share a user’s data with any third-party. Also, the company behind GOG Galaxy 2.0 also says that if you want to eliminate all your data from their servers, you’re only be one click away from this option.

The service can also be optimized with new features because of open-source integrations. Each modification you make to your account is automatically saved in the cloud and synced with all the devices. This allows you to save your customized library, your games or friends.

GOG Galaxy 2.0 brings forth every feature GOG Galaxy already has, but it also includes brand new ones such as Auto-Updates to keep your GOG.COM games updated, Enhanced Experience regarding the new library setting and friends features. Other impressive features is the Cloud Saves, automatically backed up and synced across all your devices, Multiplayer & Matchmaker feature, which provides matchmaking and online play, also the Rollbacks feature which allows you to restore previous versions if an update modifies it.

You can try out GOG Galaxy 2.0 beta version at the moment until the official release will appear.

Samsung 5x Optical Zoom Camera: Is It Made for Galaxy Note 10?

Smartphone cameras keep evolving from just a single lens to dual cameras, portrait modes, three cameras, quad cameras, notched, flipping, or popping cameras. Now, Samsung subsidiary Samsung Electro-Mechanics has announced that they have developed a camera module with a 5x optical zoom.

Samsung isn’t the first company to create one – with Oppo introducing it (but didn’t put it on the market) and then Huawei developing a 5x zoom module for the P30 Pro. The report on says that the same company that developed Oppo’s optics was acquired by Samsung to create the module for their future smartphones.

The 5x Optical Zoom Module is Only 5mm Thick

What’s great about the module is that it only is 5 mm thick. Compared with the 2x zoom module which is 6 mm thick, it certainly is an improvement without the need to make the camera jut out of the phone’s rear. Here’s how little it is:

But the most important question is which smartphone will get this great camera revealed in the report?

While some believe that the 5x zoom module pictured above will come with the next Galaxy flagship, as it should, here’s why the chances of seeing it on the Galaxy Note 10 are a bit slim. The images from the report show 5x zoom capabilities, which are quite impressive:

Lately, Samsung rebranded their Galaxy A series as the testbed for innovation, noted Slash Gear in their article. So, we might see this awesome camera first added to a Galaxy A phone before Galaxy Note 10 is revealed in August/September. The phablet will probably also come with the 5x zoom camera, but nothing is set in stone.

Considering that a recent announcement from Samsung revealed the 64-megapixel ISOCELL Bright GW1 sensor, which might also not be added to the Galaxy Note 10, things don’t look too good for the incoming flagship.