THQ Nordic E3 2019 Plans Get Leaked, Might Showcase Six Titles

E3 2019 is getting closer, and the leaks start pouring all over the place. Some are fake, and others are the real deal, but we will soon learn the truth since the event is right around the corner. The latest rumor involves THQ Nordic’s E3 2019 plans, which include showcasing six titles.

While it all started a while on the 8chan AMA of the company, with user THQN_Reinhard posting a screenshot of the company’s lineup for E3 2019, it later escalated. The screenshot was recently posted by Twitter user Afro_Gear, revealing this list:

  • Darksiders: Genesis
  • Destroy All Humans
  • Desperados
  • Monster Jam
  • Biomutant
  • Monkey King

Afro_Gear added in a comment that he posted the photo on Reddit but didn’t quite make headlines:

“I even posted this to Reddit but it’s never picked up traction. I managed to get a screenshot right before it was deleted. That whole AMA was such a failure on multiple levels!”

THQ Nordic to bring a “galactically beloved game/franchise” to E3 2019

What makes us believe the list could be legitimate? THQ Nordic has made some comments that could support the leak. In a recent comment, the company said that they would bring a “galactically beloved game/franchise” to E3 2019, which can only mean that they were talking about the Destroy All Humans franchise. This is the only title from the leaked list of games that matches the company’s comment.

There could be other theories: maybe the leaker guessed what the devs could showcase at E3 and nailed it. Maybe THQ Nordic is talking about a different game – although there is a slim chance since there isn’t one that fits the description.

Nonetheless, we will just have to wait and see if the leak is true at E3 and take all rumors with a grain of salt. E3 will start on June 11 and ends on June 14. If you want to see more E3 rumors, check out our E3 page for more!

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