Xbox Game Pass Brings Metal Gear Survive, Superhot, Outer Wilds and More Titles

Xbox Game Pass members just got a new reason to sit on their couch and start playing some more free games. Get ready to see the list, because it includes some awesome titles! If you don’t have a game pass, you can subscribe to it and get the first month for just one dollar!

Today, players can now download both Metal Gear Survive and The Banner Saga on their Xbox.

Metal Gear Survive

The title says it all: survive in the alternate Metal Gear universe, get to play in co-op mode and try to finish the missions while surviving!

The Banner Saga

If you like Viking stories, then play this game. You will try to do anything in your power to prevent the end of the world, but tread carefully, as once the members of your caravan die, they stay dead. Prepare to lead them, and try not to cry (or throw away your controller) when they die.

Void Bastards – May 29

BioShock and System Shock 2, the strategy and shooting blended in Void Bastards should keep you busy for many hours starting with May 29.

Dead by Daylight – May 30

Get ready to run… or get killed! The 4 vs. 1 multiplayer horror game makes one player take the role of the killer, while the other four players must survive and escape. What makes the game more difficult is that the environment constantly changes while you play.

Outer Wilds – May 30

If you want a laid back game for May 30, try this one where you explore a solar system and space. Be careful, as exploring the space comes with many secrets and dangers as well.

Full Metal Furies – June 6

The action RPG makes you work as a team and save the world. You can customize your combat style and choose your hero – remember, it’s all about team play!

The Banner Saga 2 – June 6

If you’ve enjoyed every second of the first Banner Saga and your controller is still alive, why not consider smashing it while playing the second title? Decisions still count, even greater than the combat, so be wise! The great thing about the second title is that you can save the files from the first game to carry on with the choices and characters from the first one.

Superhot – June 6

Not tilted enough on June 6? Why not go for Superhot and see how difficult playing an FPS really is when everything works against you. Don’t worry, you’ll have tons of fun, and I’m sure that the controller will not make it by the time June 6 ends.

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