Samsung 5x Optical Zoom Camera: Is It Made for Galaxy Note 10?

Smartphone cameras keep evolving from just a single lens to dual cameras, portrait modes, three cameras, quad cameras, notched, flipping, or popping cameras. Now, Samsung subsidiary Samsung Electro-Mechanics has announced that they have developed a camera module with a 5x optical zoom.

Samsung isn’t the first company to create one – with Oppo introducing it (but didn’t put it on the market) and then Huawei developing a 5x zoom module for the P30 Pro. The report on says that the same company that developed Oppo’s optics was acquired by Samsung to create the module for their future smartphones.

The 5x Optical Zoom Module is Only 5mm Thick

What’s great about the module is that it only is 5 mm thick. Compared with the 2x zoom module which is 6 mm thick, it certainly is an improvement without the need to make the camera jut out of the phone’s rear. Here’s how little it is:

But the most important question is which smartphone will get this great camera revealed in the report?

While some believe that the 5x zoom module pictured above will come with the next Galaxy flagship, as it should, here’s why the chances of seeing it on the Galaxy Note 10 are a bit slim. The images from the report show 5x zoom capabilities, which are quite impressive:

Lately, Samsung rebranded their Galaxy A series as the testbed for innovation, noted Slash Gear in their article. So, we might see this awesome camera first added to a Galaxy A phone before Galaxy Note 10 is revealed in August/September. The phablet will probably also come with the 5x zoom camera, but nothing is set in stone.

Considering that a recent announcement from Samsung revealed the 64-megapixel ISOCELL Bright GW1 sensor, which might also not be added to the Galaxy Note 10, things don’t look too good for the incoming flagship.

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