The New Update to Super Smash Bros Is Here with Version 3.0

There’s a new update in town for Super Smash Bros, more precisely the version 3.0. Super Smash Bros is being updated to version 3.0, and it comes in full force with new features and a brand new character. But wait that’s not all! You will also have a new video editor, Joker from Persona 5 (the first game’s DLC character) and all-new stage-builder. Let’s find out about each feature added in the new version of the game.

The Free Stage Builder

With the new Free Stage Builder feature in the Super Smash Bros Ultimate, you can create custom battle stages, and you can play on later. The tools of the Stage Builder are sturdy enough to let you use your fingers on the screen for a smooth draw in the handheld mode. After you have created these stages and want to access what you’ve made, go to the Stage Select screen and select the new Custom tab. In the Custom tab menu you will find the saved stages. If you see other stages created by other players, you can download them.  For downloading the stages, you will need a Nintendo Switch.

Ultimate Video Editor

With this new video editor, you have features that allow you to combine clips from different replays. By using this tool, you can add music, subtitles, and various transitions. And if you would like to share your clips on social media, this feature is beneficial.

The New Character

The compelling character from Persona 5, the Joker, can be available in your game by a purchase for $6. Moreover, you can get the character as part of a five-pack Fighter’s Pass; and if it sounds more exciting, the pack can be purchased for $25. Joker is bringing new Mementos stage and exclusive music from the Persona series.

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