Microsoft repairs Internet Explorer vulnerability after attacks

Microsoft issued a critical update for Internet Explorer, after being warned that a vulnerability allowed hackers to take control of computers remotely.

The vulnerability, detected by Google, allowed malicious people to infiltrate the computer of their victims to install software, view files or even create new accounts with administrator rights. Microsoft gave little details but said that attacks of the kind had already been detected.

According to Satnam Narang, a senior IT security researcher at Tenable, Internet Explorer 11 users on Windows (from Windows 7 to Windows 10), as well as several versions of the browser (New Window) on Windows Server must install the update. day to protect yourself from an attack.

To be affected, the victims had to go to a malicious site. Links to these sites may have been sent by email.

To install the update and protect your computer, use Windows Update (New Window). This Microsoft service can check if you have the latest versions of Microsoft programs and install them if this is not the case.

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