Android Pie Could be the Reason Behind Twitter or Netflix Problems

There is an aggregated list of bug reports and user feedback based on which Team PiunikaWeb considered that there is a long-standing bug out there that has to do with Android Pie. Twitter, Netflix, Amazon (including Prime Video) and other such third party apps can’t use internet over Wi-Fi, especially after the device was updated to Pie.

These ‘vague’ errors are being discussed in many reports scattered all around, and there are some weird but fascinating patterns in them.

Only devices which are part of Android One or Pixel lineup have this problem which means that the OS is not far from AOSP.

Both devices which got Pie OTA and those which got it installed from the factory face these issues.

The apps we mentioned above start getting fussy when the network is changed from mobile data to Wi-Fi.

What we mean by acting fussy is that these apps open normally, but they are not working fine just like the other apps. The issue is fixed when the user changes from Wi-Fi to mobile data.

The issue remains at large even though if you temporary switch to cellular data and then back to Wi-fi works for a while in some cases. Users are connecting via VPN, fiddling with custom DNS services, installing older versions of the app, modifying router settings, and all the other hack jobs they could think of, but it looks like none of the above can fix the issue permanently and adequately.

However, we can be sure that when the bug is discovered officially, someone will come with a solution.

The pie was released five months ago, and not all of the devices that support it also got it. We heard no official words about the platform distribution, but the truth is undoubtedly hidden somewhere.

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