Ivacy VPN proves to be one of the BestVPN’s out there!

There’s a reason why we didn’t put a space between ‘BestVPN’. The BestVPN awards 2019 were held in Las Vegas recently, and it goes without saying that Ivacy VPN stole the show by surfacing in many categories:

It was declared as being the FASTEST VPN. Now, that’s quite some claim to fame. Given that there are so many different VPN service providers out there the fact that Ivacy VPN has annihilated the rest of the competition in this manner is quite something.  So, next time you see any advertising about another VPN service being ‘fast’, you yourself will be quick to remember that Ivacy VPN is the  fastest VPN. We live in a world where speed is of the utmost essence, and we want everything to be completed as quickly and efficiently as possible. Ivacy VPN’s speed means that you don’t have to compromise your time in order to be secure and anonymous on the internet. With Ivacy VPN, there are no strings attached at all.

It brings you lightning speed and military grade security. What more could you possibly ask for?

It was a runner up for the BEST OVERALL. This is also quite some accolade – Ivacy has a whole of host of features that make it so popular within the technological realm – we’re not surprised that its overall value was recognized.

There are many ways to go about this as there is simply so much to say about Ivacy VPN’s award-winning features. Because of this, we deemed it prudent to split up each feature of Ivacy into little sections to help make all of the awesomeness more palatable and digestible. The first one that we’re going, to begin with, is one of the big ones … SECURITY.

How does Ivacy VPN ensure your security?

Before we get into any other detail, it is imperative to acknowledge one fundamental fact. Ivacy VPN shrouds you with an impenetrable cloak of anonymity, and it all starts with one very simple fact. It changes your IP address. This is what the whole premise is based upon, this simple changing of facts. It is a little-known fact that many ISP’s (internet service providers) can track every move that you make online. What Ivacy does is change your IP address so no internet browsing can be traced back to you. The internet should be able to be enjoyed without the constant monitoring that everyone is subjected to. This enables your security in this particular manner in regard to anonymity.

But as an award-winning VPN service, Ivacy goes beyond this fundamental function of a VPN. It boasts of a zero log policy, meaning that even though you use the medium of Ivacy to access the internet, Ivacy itself does not archive your history or monitor what you are doing. This means that its principles are actively practiced which is an admirable thing indeed. It also shows the amount of attention that they pay to customers – if the customers are using the VPN service to avoid their ISPs monitoring them then why on earth would they want their VPN service to do the same?

In terms of technical standards as well Ivacy VPN truly delivers. The 256-bit encryption offers an incredible grade of protection. Think about it this way- your incoming and outgoing data is channeled through a secure tunnel that filters out any malicious data.

This is especially relevant for today’s day and age where online transactions are made just as frequently, if not more frequently than real life transactions on the high street. While making these transactions, you have to put in details that could compromise your financial security. We often put in our names, our addresses our bank account numbers …

Imagine this. You’re out and about and suddenly remember that you have forgotten to buy a present for your significant other and it’s valentines day the following day. You’ve got prime which means that it can be delivered the following day. But you’re running out of data and have to use public wifi instead.

Here’s the thing about public wifi – it is extremely insecure. It is a lot easier to hack into than other secure private wifi networks. This means that you need to urgently make an online transaction but are worried about your security. With Ivacy VPN, this ceases to be a problem at all.

Ivacy provides incredible protection no matter which wifi network you’re using.

There are other scenarios involving the use of the VPN itself that could lead to a potential security concern for the users. No wonder Ivacy did so well at the BestVPN Awards 2019 – they really think about potential problems that users could face and try their best to design solutions pre-emptively.

Let’s say that you are accessing some content that is usually geo-restricted. The VPN connection suddenly drops, and you are exposed – the website will be able to track that your IP address is from a different country. Ivacy really have thought through every possible scenario and this shows in the fact that they have designed an internet kill switch. As soon as Ivacy VPN detects that it’s connection has dropped, it automatically terminates your internet session, meaning that you are protected no matter what your connection status.

In these following ways Ivacy VPN really goes the extra mile to make sure your online presence is always secure and you can carry on accessing content from any part of the world that you wish.

Ivacy VPN has incredible customer service

Now that we have touched upon the subject of how hard Ivacy VPN try to make their clients as content as possible we simply must talk about how they approach their customer service. They are always available and try their utmost hardest to make sure that no customers encounter any difficulties whatsoever. This is demonstrated by the fact that they successfully maintain a 24/7 live chat. This means that whenever you encounter a problem, Ivacy will ALWAYS be there to help you. It’s incredibly convenient, situated in the bottom   corner of their home-page so you won’t even have trouble finding it. The constant availability of this chat means that your issue will be sorted out in a rapid, professional manner.

As well as this fantastic tool Ivacy offers hundreds of articles on their website to help you with any common concerns that other people have experienced. This means you have a ready repository of how-tos.

Ivacy allows you to bypass Geo-restrictions in the blink of an eye

No longer do you have to struggle with the fact that there is some content in the world that you simply shall never be able to access. It seems rather unfair doesn’t it that some people in some countries are able to watch a show that you’ve been waiting for an entire year? With Ivacy VPN this is no longer an issue. The statistics speak for themselves. Ivacy VPN has over 1000 servers in 50 + countries. Wowza! This directly translates to the fact that you are able to watch anything you want, access content from anywhere in the world just by joining one of Ivacy VPN’s many servers. This is another reason why so many people are so obsessed with Ivacy VPN – the sheer amount of entertainment that it unlocks. The giant among all is Netflix and Ivacy has ample nodes & servers to support American Netflix, hence a user can connect to fast streaming servers with this Netflix VPN and enjoy ultimate streaming anywhere in the world.

This isn’t limited to just entertainment. You can also shop online from other countries using this function. There is also a hidden concept called ‘geo discrimination’ as many airlines will charge you more based on where you are in the world. So, not only can you watch anything you want ut you could also be on your way to some sweet deals.

Ivacy VPN was voted as being the runner up for BEST VALUE

Ivacy VPN’s price tariff works on the wonderful principle that entails: if you are going to use Ivacy for a long time, then you have to pay less. They also put on INCREDIBLE SEASONAL OFFERS. Right now, for example, for $2.25 a month, you can get protection for 2 years. No wonder this is their bestselling tariff – it works out incredibly well for everyone involved!

Given the fact that when you purchase Ivacy VPN you can protect up to 5 different devices at the same time, it seems like a no-brainer doesn’t it! No matter what platform all of your devices are (for there is a handy guide on how to set up Ivacy on all sorts of operating systems on the website) you can protect all of your devices. There isn’t any need to log and out constantly as well – you can be logged in simultaneously on 5 different devices.

That’s value for money if we do say so ourselves.

All in all, it is evident why Ivacy VPN did so incredibly well at the Best VPN awards 2019 – it offers an all-round amazing service that is brilliant value for money.

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