Is Pokémon Gun A New Game? Newspaper Thinks So After Using Viral Meme

You might have seen the Pokémon Gun meme on Reddit, and if you don’t lurk the threads, then you have undoubtedly seen it shard on social media, as it became viral in just a few days after Pokémon Direct.

When a new Pokémon game is announced, fans go crazy, and even mainstream newspapers write about it. However, they’re not updated to everything about that particular game, and with the lack of extra elbow grease and research, they cannot discern between news and fake news.

That’s what happened to a Mexican newspaper which added a third Pokémon title to the mix, just to be extra. Twitter user @cin_ceja posted snaps of the pages of the Mexican newspaper La Voz de Michoacan.

The popular meme somehow became the third installment in the series that should be released this year, and the fake (but awesome) logo was added next to the real ones.

This is how the news updated fans about Pokémon Sword, Pokémon Shield, and the non-existent Pokémon Gun.

Do you know realize why Sobble looked so terrified? That gun is totally pointing in his direction!

Grookey Used Gun, Sobble Is Terrified!

As you can imagine, everyone that knows about the meme was having fun:

One person wrote:

“We’ve got an electric type, DeWalt, unlocks mega evolution into Home Depot when you purchase a checkered pokérifle at the pokémart.”

Another one claimed to prefer “Pokémon: tactical nuke.”

“Just another reason to hope Scorbunny doesn’t end up as a Fighting type. Fighting ain’t gonna be much use against a Glock,” wrote another fan.

For someone who has no idea about Pokémon, the meme could fool them. However, when did you ever hear about guns and Pokémon?

And for your information, no Pokémon was harmed during this article – or held at gunpoint!

Now to get a little serious, the TWO new Pokémon games – Pokémon Sword and Shield will be released later this year on the Nintendo Switch, and it will feature a new region called Galar, which oddly resembles the land of the UK.

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