GTA Online Future Updates Confirmed

There is still no sign of Grand Theft 6 Auto yet, but fans still have something to do while waiting for it. Even if you feel like there is nothing left to do in Grand Theft Auto 5 after all these years, you can always try out GTA Online, as it offers the same enjoyable experience with a twist.

Nonetheless, players were worried that Rockstar would soon forget about GTA Online. As you already know, at the end of the year the company released Red Dead Redemption 2, which instantly became a hit. Later on, Read Dead Online wash launched. Therefore, fans had plenty of reasons to worry that the GTA Online project might soon be abandoned.

Support will continue in the future

If you are worried about what is next for GTA Online, we have good news for you. Take-Two Interactive is the parent company of Rockstar Games and it recently announced that GTA online will continue to receive support and updates in the future. Even if Rockstar’s main priority at the moment is Red Dead Online, developers did not forget about GTA Online.

And this isn’t something that surprises us. GTA Online has been extremely successful and profitable, up to a point where people began to speculate that this is one of the reasons why Rockstar is postponing the release of Grand Theft Auto. Take-Two even confirmed that micro transactions sell better than they ever did. Nonetheless, at the moment we don’t have other details about the upcoming updates or about the type of content that we will see added to the game.

Red Dead Online had a great start and some even say that it managed to attract more sales, but it is very unlikely that Rockstar will give up on GTA Online any time soon.

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