Facebook Messenger Borrows a New Feature from WhatsApp

Facebook Messenger is slowly but surely becoming as good if not even better than WhatsApp. Facebook’s Messenger app is receiving new features every other week and this is making it easier for users to chat with their friends and family members. Nonetheless, a new update was recently released for the Messenger app and it introduces a feature that has been borrowed from WhatsApp.

Facebook Messenger Receives a New Feature

The feature that Facebook Messenger is borrowing from WhatsApp gives users the ability to quote messages that they want to reply to. This is a really useful feature and Messenger’s massive user base of 1.3 billion monthly active users can now access it.

Facebook Messenger users are going to find the new quoting feature really useful in long threads where it can get quite easy to lose track of what everyone said. Not only that, but users can also quote messages that they received from someone and send them to their friends.

How to Use the New Feature

What’s great about the new feature that Facebook Messenger has just received is the fact that its super simple to use. The only thing that users need to do is to long-press on the text that they want to answer and then tap on the “reply” icon and all that’s left is to simply type a reply. This feature is going to be available for text messages, videos, emojis, photo messages and GIFs.

Universal Platform

Before we sign off, we want to mention that Mark Zuckerberg who is the famous Facebook CEO has expressed his desire to create a universal platform for all apps owned by Facebook. “People should be able to use any of our apps to reach their friends, and they should be able to communicate across networks easily and securely.”

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