Crackdown 3 ‘Extra Edition’ Update Is Free: Cheats, Multiplayer, New Progression System Have Been Added

If you’re still having fun around in Crackdown 3, then there’s some good news from Microsoft! The third-person open-world shooter is getting a free update, introducing cheats and a few more stuff for the fans.

Now let’s see what Microsoft had to say about the ‘Extra Edition’:

“Crackdown 3: Extra Edition brings the boom! With Keys to the City, we’ve unlocked everything you need to unleash chaos in the Campaign, and competing in Wrecking Zone now unlocks a hundred tiers of vanity items.”

The update contains a lot of cheats that can make the game a lot more fun:

  • AGENT ABILITIES. Raise your Skills and give yourself infinite health, ammo and gadgets.
  • SPAWN OBJECTS. Fill the streets with enemies, vehicles, exploding props—and more!
  • ELEMENTAL FISTS. Add Fire, Ice, Electric and Toxic effects to your melee attacks.
  • SUPER SPEED & JETPACK. Run faster and fly higher than Daddy Duck himself!
  • NEW ACHIEVEMENTS worth 250 Gamerscore.

The Wrecking Zone also got an update and now has a new Progression System that features the following things:

  • 100 TIERS OF VANITY ITEMS. Earn Agency Points in Wrecking Zone matches to unlock each Tier.
  • YOUR AGENT, YOUR STYLE. Vanity items include holographic “LENS” adornments, helmets, weapon skins—and more!
  • NEW OVERDRIVE SKILLS. Now select from 6 types of Overdrive Skills to really step up your BOOM!

We hope that the Extra Edition will make multiplayer better. You can play the game through Xbox Game Pass or buy it on Amazon.

Crackdown 3 Critics – A Fun Game, But Mediocre

Even though it had a few issues since it was launched – including the unpolished multiplayer and the story is mediocre, as critics put it, it’s nice to see some free content being launched to the game. The disappointment comes after fans have been waiting for Crackdown 3 for years. It was supposed to be launched in 2016; then it was delayed for 2017, and then for 2018, to be finally released in February 2019. Imagine that the fans were expecting a lot more from the game with all these delays. As IGN puts it, “Crackdown 3’s mediocre, collectible-heavy campaign and poor Wrecking Zone multiplayer are rarely satisfying busywork,” giving it a 5 out of 10.

For $35, it’s not a game you’d want to throw your money at, but if you have an Xbox GamePass, then it’s worth your time if you want to have some fun and blow stuff up for no apparent reason.

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