​iOS 13 to come with system-wide Dark Mode and more​

Apple will have the most important iOS update release so far with the iOS 13. Over the past years, the company has only made minor changes and updates to iOS but the one iOS that will change the game is bound to finally be designed and launched.

iOS 12 did not came with any game-changing updates when it was released but fixated on stability and performance progress, making the older iPhone devices function better.

iOS 13 beta will be released in a few months. Here are some insights on what iOS 13 could bring to Apple devices.

iOS 13 Dark Mode

A system wide Night-Mode (Dark Mode) has been the most asked option by iOS users in the past few years. It was time for Apple to design a dark version of its apps as widely-used, popular apps like Facebook and YouTube have already released a Dark Mode feature on their platforms.

The system-wide Dark Mode in will boost the usability of the iOS device during night time or when it’s utterly dark, and can also preserve battery to a certain range. The settings option makes the device look amazing as well.

iOS 13 Multitasking

iPads were released with numerous multitasking features due to the iOS 12, and now reports say that iOS 13 will be doing the same with the new iPhone devices. Split Screen or Window features were long ago added to Android devices but Apple users haven’t had any of those options in their devices so far.

Rumors also say that the Apple Mail app will come with a powerful update on the iOS 13. One of the intentions of iOS 13 was to offer new features to the mail app as the native app hasn’t been getting any new improvements in the last updates.

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