SpaceX Christmas delivery arrives at space station

On Saturday, a Space X capsule arrived at the International Space Station.  The payoad contained everything astronauts will need to cook their Christmas dinner, in addition to mice and worms for scientific experiments and more than 2270 kilograms of equipment for the station. 

The Dragon capsule arrived at the orbital lab three days after leaving Cape Canaveral

It took two attempts to get the capsule close enough to be captured by the station’s huge robotic arm, due to communication problems with NASA.

This is the 16th Space X delivery to the Space Station since 2012.

A succulent Christmas dinner

Food sent to astronauts includes smoked turkey, pan-baked green beans, candied yams, cranberry sauce, fruit cake, shortbread and butter biscuits, and icing tubes for decoration.

Three astronauts will be aboard the Space Station for Christmas. Three others, who are currently there, will return to Earth on December 20th.

For now, the Station is home to two Americans, two Russians, the Canadian David Saint-Jacques and the commander Alexander Gerst, who is German.

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