New World on Edge of our Solar System discovered by Scientists

After many decades of star gazing, it often seems impossible to find new information about outer space. Fortunately, our scientists continue to amaze the world with new findings, including a new world close to our solar system. It is actually the second planet confirmed in the area, with the first being an unexpected dwarf planet that was confirmed in 2003. It is strongly suspected that the reason this planet took so long to be discovered is related to its light pink color.

This discovery is even more important than it seems at first, given the information that is currently known. Through email, senior research scientist at Yale University David Rabinowitz reported that there is reason to below that this new planet will offer access to a new population. He is likely to have access to that type of confidential information due to his position as a founder for a similar project. That project discovered an adjacent planet known as Sedna, but he had no direct relationship with this find.

It is interesting to note that after extensive research and on-going debate, this discovery has also suggests that there may soon be be verifiable proof of many other planets in the vicinity of the planet jokingly named “Biden”. It’s official name is 2012 VP113 and is a small planet, presenting with a measurement of less than 300 miles across.
It also possesses a unique rotation that is almost oval in design, with its farthest orbit extending a whopping 67.6 million kilometers from the sun.

At 12 billion kilometers from the sun, Biden is obviously a frozen planet. It is some distance from Pluto and a ground telescope featuring a new camera by scientists at the Carnegie Institution for Science in Washington, D.C. and the Gemini Observatory in Hawaii made this discovery.

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