Why We’d Like a Fresh Casino in GTA VI

Grand Theft Auto V is undoubtedly one of the most successful video games of all time. It has sold more than 150 million copies to date, and has been dubbed hailed as a game that helped define a generation.

While little has been revealed about the next instalment of the long-standing franchise, rumors abound on forums and social media networks as to the identity of protagonists, new locations, and even possible changes to the format of the game. While we await more concrete news about the next game in the series though, Rockstar continues to grease the wheels of GTA’s online version with updates and expansions.

One of the biggest such expansions was the opening of the Diamond Casino in 2019. And while this made for awfully impressive DLC, it also gives us some clear ideas as to how GTA VI might ultimately improve on its predecessor.

Diamond Resort and Casino

Just like in real life, visitors to the Diamond Resort and Casino can test Lady Luck and either win fortunes or wind up bemoaning their empty pockets. This can be done at any of a number of different games on offer throughout the casino.

There’s a lot to enjoy here, and even the hardiest shotgun-wielding madman can enjoy road testing the high-roller lifestyle. However, while Rockstar has successfully reimagined their latest casino offering when compared with earlier attempts, there’s certainly more that they could have brought to the table. For instance, consider the following….

Penthouse Experience

Well-off players arriving at GTA V’s Diamond Resort have the option of upgrading their casino experience to the heights of luxury with office areas, salons, media rooms, and spas. Unfortunately, the office computer is limited to browsing, and the cinema lacks a choice of movies. Basically the penthouse experience is for show, when it could be packed with so much more interesting in-game content.

Slot Machines

Favored by rookies, the in-game slot machines like Diamond Miner and Twilight Knife are entirely luck based. While they do look pretty cool, fans complain they largely serve to burn cash. Could GTA VI introduce luck-boosting collectibles like those featured in San Andreas to help out first-time rollers? This or something similar would certainly seem to be a reasonable option.

Table Games

In terms of table games, the Diamond Casino allows you to challenge the dealer in a game of blackjack, double down on red or black with a go at roulette, or try your hand at three-card poker. One glaring issue here though is the failure to include Texas Hold’em. It’s an easy-to-understand game that Rockstar has already featured in other video games, which makes it puzzling why it wasn’t included here.

Beyond being familiar to Rockstar gamers, no-limit Texas Hold’em is also the most popular poker variety in the world. Granted, it’s a little more involved than three-card poker. In Hold’em, players have to build the best possible five-card hand within four rounds, using two card they’re dealt individually as well as community cards which are available to all players simultaneously. The person with the highest value – or with the wits to successfully bluff opponents – takes the chips.

Hold’em differs from thee-card in its approach to wagering as well. However, despite these added dimensions it remains a popular and familiar game that simply belongs in any Rockstar casino moving forward.


While Rockstar has to be commended for the size and quality of the Diamond Resort DLC, it’s fair to say that overall this offering is a little timid. It feels somewhat unimaginative or unfinished, and even a little isolated in a world of dynamic online multiplayer options.

A fresh casino addressing the ideas and shortcomings above would be a welcome treat. It’s one of many things we hope to see in GTA VI, whenever its ultimate release may be.

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