PS4 EA Access – Available with New Improvements

Video game fans, we have some good news for you.

We all know that EA Acces was not available on Playstation for five years, but now this aspect has changed. We are pleased to announce that we’ll have EA Acces on PS4.

The most important consequence is that FIFA 20 will be available on PS4 starting September 19. On the previous EA system, we had to pay every month in order to play our favorite games.

The Xbox users were lucky in these past five years when EA Acces was blocked only from Playstation and they still have an advantage now. The EA Acces library available on Xbox is bigger than the PS4 one and we’ll tell you why. The reason is that PS4 doesn’t include backward compatibility.

The prices

You’ll only have to pay £3.00  every month for your favorite games such as FIFA 20, Battlefield V and many, many more. EA Acces has a large catalog and includes a lot of unreleased titles that you can pre-order. Also, if you get your game directly on your console, you’ll receive a discount.

Peter Moore, the EA chief operating office gave as a pretty vague answer when he was asked in an interview with Gamespot why EA Acces was availabe on Xbox and not on Playstation all this time. He let us believe that Vault made the difference in this case. Because of the backward compatibility, the Xbox players had always a lot of options.

The problem is that EA Acces was gone from 5 years from Playstation, but the good news is that you have now a lot of game option, five years’ worth games to be more specific. Maybe it’s a little too late for some players now that the next generation consoles are so close to us and will change everything.

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