New Android Q Beta 3 Issues: Problems With Google Play, Battery Optimization Menu, and More

Google has announced Android Q Beta 3 on May 7 at the Google I/O 2019 Developer Conference. This time, it won’t be just Pixel smartphones that can get the update, Google adding that the update is now available on 21 devices from 13 manufacturers, including phones from Huawei, Xiaomi, Sony and ASUS.

The release of Android Q 3 Beta marks the opening of the beta program to the public, outside the Pixel devices. As with many Beta releases, users that have opted in on the Beta program and installed the Android Q 3 Beta update might encounter some bugs.

Android Q 3 Beta Issues and Bugs

Here are some of the bugs reported by the users that have updated their devices to the latest Android Q Beta. Except for the gesture navigation that keeps on breaking, snoozing for notification might instantly disappear, and your SIM card could be disabled by a bug, here are some other noteworthy problems you might encounter.

Google Pay

Some users reported that Google Pay is broken on Android Q. One of them tried to remove and add his card again, and the phone reported that Pay could not function because the phone was altered. Another user said that his phone did not pass a SafetyNet test.

However, a Pixel 3 user said that there was no issue with SafetyNet testers.

This issue affects only some users, and it is the same problem we saw last year during Android P DP4.

Battery Optimization Menu

Both ASUS Zenfone 5Z and Pixel 3 users have reported some issues with the Battery optimization menu that keeps on crashing when opened. You can find it at Settings -> Apps & notifications -> Special app access. This means that all Pixel users that had Android Q 2 Beta and set some apps to be functional all the time in the background won’t be able to change the options until Google fixes the issue.

Another problem reported by Pixel 3 users is the OTA updates. The device stops after downloading the OTA update and then nothing happens. Some users noted that the issue could be fixed by rebooting the phone and putting it on charge. Other Pixel users had to reboot and update their phones for over five times before finally updating to Android Q 3 Beta.

Check r/android_beta to learn more about the issues others have and see if your problems can be fixed, or learn more about the features you haven’t yet discovered.

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