Google Pixel Gets New Stickers In Playground AR: ‘Japanese Phrases’ 1.0.190215036 APK

The Pixel has been getting some awesome new stickers in Playground AR starting with Childish Gambino and the Love packs released at the beginning of February.

The latest pack is ‘Japanese Phrases,’ and it contains a set of eight stickers that can be added in photos or videos. The content is clearly for Japanese users, as it features actual Japanese phrases, so we don’t really understand what they mean – except for the exclamation marks and the question mark.

You can download the stickers from Google Play Store, but if you don’t have Playground, you must first install it and make sure your latest ARCore updates were also installed. The app is free and can only be used on a Pixel, Pixel 2, or Pixel 3.

After you install it, you can find the stickers in the camera app and use them from there.

Japanese Phrases 1.0.190215036 APK

Alternatively, the APK version of Japanese Phrases is 1.0.190215036, and you can find it on APK Mirror. The file has been verified, and it is safe to install. It only needs 10.4 MB of space. If you go to the ‘Developed With Google,’ you will also see Playground: Childish Gambino 1.0.190115176 APK, which was released today and Playground: Love 1.0.190128066 APK which was updated on March 4, on the same day as Japanese Phrases.

Playground AR on Google Pixel

If you’re new to the entire AR trend, then you should know that Playground AR is a suite of AR objects or even characters that smartphone users can add to their photos or videos. The funny thing about these AR characters or objects is that they’ve been created to change as you move or as your facial expressions change. If you pose with Childish Gambino and frown, the AR character will do the same thanks to the machine learning used behind the app.

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