Microsoft Will Have a Huge Conference At E3 2019

While other companies are not so eager to join E3 this year, Microsoft is taking advantage and going hard. The rumors are that we will even get to see the new Xbox consoles at the show. However, we’re more than certain that we will learn more about Project xCloud, the game streaming platform that is to compete with Google Stadia.

Let’s see what else we’ll get to see at the Microsoft press conference at E3 2019.

The First-Party Games from Microsoft We’re All Waiting For

Xbox chief Phil Spencer has recently confirmed in a tweet that Microsoft will talk about no less than 14 14 Xbox Game Studios titles. While Spencer didn’t reveal the names of the titles that will be revealed, here are some of the games that should be part of the event.

One of the games is Halo Infinite, which hasn’t yet received a release date, and we haven’t even seen gameplay footage. Considering that it will be released on PC and probably on the next-gen Xbox, it is safe to say that this title should be the highlight of their presentation.

We might also learn more about Gears of War 5, which was revealed last year at E3 but still doesn’t have a release date. Earlier this week we also learned out that Gears of War 5 will be available, among other Xbox Game Studios titles, through Steam. The launch of Gears of War 5 should be this year, so E3 could be the event we will learn about its release.

If you want to see Microsoft E3 2019 the press conference, stay tuned as it begins at 1:00 pm Pacific on June 9! Considering there are 14 games ready to be revealed and a lot more goodies from Microsoft, it’s safe to say that we’ll have quite a busy Sunday next week. Are you ready for Microsoft’s big show?

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