Galaxy Fold Needs Some Fixes, But The Launch “Will Not Be Too Late,” Says Samsung CEO

The highly awaited Galaxy Fold that was unveiled at Galaxy UNPACKED 2019 back in February, and it should have been launched last month in the US (26 April) and last week in Europe (3 May). However, because of some issues concerning the main screen, the release date is now delayed.

Earlier this week, we learned that if the Galaxy Fold won’t be launched by the end of May, Samsung will cancel all the preorders.

In an interview with the Korea Herald on May 9, the Samsung CEO Koh Dong-jin stated that the company “has reviewed the defect caused from substances, and we will reach a conclusion in a couple of days,” when they will return with more new on the launch date.

Questioned about the US launch within this month, Koh stated that they “We will not be too late,” so this could mean that the Galaxy Fold might be launched by the end of May.

As for the issues with the main screen, here are some details.

Main Screen Issues To Be Fixed

Samsung gave US technology journalists some foldable phone samples to review. After receiving reports that the screens began bulging, breaking and blinking just after one day’s use, the company retrieved the samples to investigate the issues.

It appeared that the defects were caused after a protective layer was removed, and some substances entered inside the display through the exposure. That protective layer appeared to be just a screen protector that reviewers thought to be disposable, noted The Verge.

Samsung reported that they are now taking measures to prevent these problems by making the exposed areas on the hinge more durable and minimizing the gap between that protective layer and the bezel of the main display so that no external substances can leak into the device.

The good news is that even with all these issues, Koh’s statements show that the Galaxy Fold will be launched (and not cancelled), but if you are among those that want to buy this device, you should be armed with patience and a good amount of skepticism.

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