Samsung Is Delaying the Launch of the Galaxy Fold

The new foldable smartphone developed by Samsung should be a reason to celebrate the high tech device. The first foldable smartphone was supposed to launch Friday, but after the reports from the few reviewers, the launch was delayed. A small number of devices were given to some people for testing, and they had some issues. Fortunately, things could be worse than that, but still, Samsung’s delay isn’t viewed well.

Samsung wanted to be the first company that will launch a foldable phone; unfortunately, the delay has raised a question mark. The idea of this revolutionary concept is to have a flexible and bendable device and not to wonder and get worried about its durability. Also, the phone isn’t coming cheap, so the expectations are high. So, if we look back to the incidents with Galaxy Note 7 where the phones have blown up, or they catch fire, then the company has learned its lesson, and the delay serves them good now.

Besides this, Samsung has taken safety measures and test for the batteries that are coming to the new devices after the incident with Note 7. Now the company is more cautious with its battery suppliers, and they have even added a small battery into 2017’s Galaxy S8. Of course, Samsung has improved the battery problems after these issues, but on the foldable phone, they haven’t thought of the display problem.

However, other phone companies like Huawei and Royale are revealing that they are opting to do display that folded out, not inward like Samsung’s device. Samsung has stated that it has identified a possible cause. The problem could be from the exposed areas of the hinge at the top and bottom of the device; also the substance found inside the display could affect the performance.  But every cloud has a silver lining, and Samsung has the opportunity to fix the problems with the Galaxy Fold and to release an exceptional and performing device.

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