Epic Games Store: RIME is Now Free, and Dauntless Is Available for Download

Right now Epic Games Store is hosting an Epic Mega Sale, and offering RIME as a free game. It’s a great opportunity now that everyone is flooding their client to get Dauntless (we’ll talk about it right away).

Until recently, Epic Games Store would only offer a free game once every two weeks, but now they stepped up their offers, with one free game per week, along with massive discounts and offers for other games.

First, let’s see why you should add RIME to your game library.

RIME is Now Free

Do you want to get into the rugged platform adventure? Grab RIME right away and add it to your library, as it only is available for free until the end of this month (and then will go back to its previous price of 34.99 Euro.)

It’s a great game where you explore your surroundings and get guided by a fox – who doesn’t love foxes? You get to explore the world, solve a ton of interesting puzzles, find secrets, and have a great time in the beautiful landscapes while listening to great music.

The game was developed by Tequila Works and published by Six Foot and is a must-have! Check out the launch trailer to see more:

Epic Games Store Also Offers Dauntless

In other news, if you log into the Epic Games Store, you’ll see Dauntless, which is also free to play on PC, PS4, and Xbox One. The great news is that the Monster Hunter-like RPG supports cross-play, which means you can play it on PC with your friends that play it on a PS4 or on an Xbox One.

But because it is so popular (and free), Dauntless is experiencing a difficult time with the servers being flooded by players that experienced a long queue time. Nonetheless, the devs are doing their best to please the horde of players that want to slay monsters in Dauntless. Here’s more about it on the game’s Twitter page:

Interested in other free games directly from the devs? Check back here for more similar news!

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