Bethesda threatened with class action lawsuit for Fallout 76

The Bethesda video game studio may soon face a class action suit in the United States following the disastrous launch of its latest game, Fallout 76.

Fallout 76, a massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) based on the world of the hit game series of the same name, has had a lot of failures since its launch on November 14th.

Many Internet users blame company for its lack of content and its many bugs, which make the experience laborious, or even make the game unplayable. Players quickly found ways to cheat for infinite resources or experience points, making them overpowered by others. The character of at least one player became invincible, greatly reducing his interest in the game. The servers to access the game also broke down.

No refunds

Faced with these problems, discontented players have tried to get a full refund, which Bethesda has consistently refused so far, report specialized media. The platform, where digital copies of the game are sold, prohibits the return of digital games.

Other players were disappointed that the content of the deluxe version, sold for $ 259.99, was different from what was announced. Bethesda had promised to deliver a canvas bag with this version, but eventually sent a nylon bag.

Bethesda apologized for delivering nylon bags to customers, but refused to replace them for canvas bags or to reimburse their purchase. The company instead offered them the equivalent of $ 5 in virtual currency used in the game.

Keen interest in a lawsuit

After taking the measure of popular grumbling, the law firm Migliaccio & Rathod turned to Reddit to invite the disappointed players to bring a class action against Bethesda. The company’s publication attracted nearly 19,000 positive votes on the social network, and it quickly became one of the most consulted on the site, before being withdrawn by moderators for breaking the rules on self-promotion. .

The interest in a possible lawsuit was so keen that the Migliaccio & Rathod site broke down due to the high number of simultaneous visits to the Doubtful Practices page of Bethesda .

“We have been inundated [with calls and emails] and we continue to investigate the allegations, but we do have an interest in bringing a class action suit,” Mother Nicholas Migliaccio, one of the partners of the firm.

At least one precedent

The lawyers intend to establish a list of clients interested in a lawsuit before contacting Bethesda to discuss a possible amicable agreement.

Jason Rathod, another firm partner, said there is at least a precedent in the US to support the possible lawsuit. Aliens: Colonial Marines , designed by Gearbox and published by Sega in 2013, had been the subject of a similar class action. The companies ended up signing a settlement of US $ 1.25 million.

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