Xcel Energy News: 47,000 Colorado Residents are Still Without Power

Colorado residents had a tough week and no one can deny that. A big blizzard hit the state on Wednesday and it took down the power of more than 350,000 Xcel Energy customers. This is a serious problem since everyone relies on electricity nowadays and Xcel Energy sent 300 additional workers to Colorado in order to help restore the power and fix the damages caused by the blizzard.

Thousands Still Left in the Dark

The blizzard hit Colorado on Wednesday and the power went out for more than 350,000 customers. Fortunately, Xcel Energy didn’t waste any time and it sent out help. As of Thursday evening, there are still 47,000 customers without power. However, Xcel Energy’s technicians are expected to take care of all problems until tomorrow and the power will be back on for everyone.

Xcel Energy Speaks Out

“With the rain, snow and high winds yesterday, it was a combination of a storm and a statewide emergency where we had many poles broken – feeders that went out,” stated Hollie Velasquez Horvath who is a spokesperson for Xcel Energy.

According to multiple reports, Xcel Energy had more than 500 crews working through the storm in order to bring the power back to the customers. The crews had to deal with major issues such as the snapped distribution lines on Josephine and 47th Avenue located in the Elyria Swansea neighborhood.

“We know that it’s inconvenient for customers to be out of power especially during a storm like this, so we appreciate their patience,” added the Xcel Energy spokesperson.

Working Over the Weekend

Xcel Energy announced that its repair crews will work over the weekend in order to make sure that the power is back for everyone. In addition, Xcel Energy is advising everyone who has problems to report them on xcelenergy.com.

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