World of Warcraft Classic: What You Need to know Before Going Back In Time?

This year in August, as a perfect way to celebrate Wow’s 15th anniversary, we’ll get to go back in time and play World of Warcraft Classic! On August 26, everyone will be able to play the highly anticipated game. Let’s see what you must know before reliving the old days in WoW.

World of Warcraft Classic – Before You Play It

If you already are a World of Warcraft player and have been through all the years of new expansions and content, prepare to see the basic WoW, with no expansions being brought to the Classic WoW.

The game will be updated gradually, as the Community Manager for Blizzard mentioned in the past. We will see four content phases: first we get the Vanilla WoW when we see Onyxia and Molten Core, and later on, we will see Dire Maul, Kazzak and Azuregos.

Prepare to see how little tools are in the game – don’t wonder where the dungeon finder has disappeared, and don’t look for Achievement or AH either. Say goodbye to flying and arm yourself with a lot of patience.

Combat will be different from what it is in the current version of the game.

Players will be able to create their character before they can play the game – on August 13 they can enter WoW Classic and create up to three characters to grab a name for them and be ready when the game starts. This is only available for the players that have active subscriptions or game time on their account.

WoW Classic is now in closed beta, and certain players are already testing the game. You can opt-in on the beta and wait for an invite if you have an active subscription to be part of the beta. Go to the official World of Warcraft website to learn more.

The game will be officially launched on August 26 or 27 (for certain time zones) – at the following hours: America 3 PM PDT Aug. 26 // Europe 12 AM CEST Aug. 27 // Taiwan 6 AM CST Aug. 27 // Korea 7 AM KST Aug. 27 // Anz 8 AM AEST Aug. 27 // UTC 10 PM Aug. 26.

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