World of Warcraft Classic To Be Launched on August 26th

We’ve all been waiting for more news about the launch date of World of Warcraft Classic, and Blizzard has finally revealed that the game will be launched this summer on August 26th in the Americas and UK (August 27th in many other regions).

The hype is bigger than what we’ve seen with the Battle of Azeroth expansion, and it’s obvious why: everyone that started playing 15 years ago wants to go back time to the vanilla WoW. After the story and gameplay progressed in WoW over the years, people looked back in time when things were simpler and different. Some players continued the vanilla experience playing on private servers, but let’s face it, the official servers are what we all wanted, and they will soon become a reality!

If I were you, I’d clear all my schedule on August 26th and the next few months! What will we see in WoW classic? Let’s check out some of the features that will show up in World of Warcraft Classic.

World of Warcraft Classic – Closed Beta, and More

The good news is that select WoW subscribers will try out World of Warcraft Classic starting with tomorrow – May 15th! That’s when the closed beta begins.

Then, the servers will suffer a few stress tests on May 22nd for the players that opted in on the Beta program.

WoW, classic is a touched-up version of the original WoW, dating from around the August 2006 “Drums of War” update. This means the world of Warcraft will not be changed by the expansions added until now. It also equals less complexity and more monster killing in the beginning, with PVP to soon follow.

Celebrate WoW’s 15th Anniversary!

If you don’t really want to go back in time and hop on the Classic hype train, you can celebrate WoW’s 15th birthday in the current World of Warcraft version of the game – you will be able to join a 25-player raid which will feature the great bosses that showed up over the past years. For more information on the stuff you can get for the 15th Anniversary, check out the Blizzard website.

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