Will The Samsung Galaxy S10 Come With A New “Canary Yellow” Colour

The Galaxy S line of Samsung smartphones is the most hyped one. This year we prepare for the launch of the Galaxy S10 devices, and we are expecting a couple of surprises. While we did learn some things about the smartphones, thanks to leaked details, many other aspects are clouded in mystery.

A new detail became available recently. According to a recent leak, it appears that the Samsung Galaxy S10e will come with a brand new color. This device is the most affordable one in the Galaxy S line, and it is the smallest one as well.

Canary Yellow

If the leaks are accurate, it appears that in the future we will be able to purchase a yellow Samsung Galaxy S10e. If we take a look back at previous leaks of this device, we can see that three colors were already confirmed: White, Black and Green. Now we also found out that a “Canary Yellow” variant will be available as well. More than that, a blue option should also be available later on.

Ishan Agarwal is the one who made the latest leaks public. While the “Canary Yellow” color is the first thing we notice, this is not the only thing we can see in the leaks. We can also take a closer look at the fingerprint scanner which is side-mounted. If you did not know this already, the larger models will come with in-display fingerprint scanners.

Colors for all the models

There will be three different Galaxy S10 models, and they will have different color options. For example, it has been reported that Black, White, Green and Blue will be available for the mid-size device, the Galaxy S10+ should be available in the same colors, as well as Ceramic White and Ceramic Black.

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