Why Fortnite Dance Moves are Damaging Culture

Fortnite is the world’s most popular game with a record of 220 million concurrent players. The interesting thing about Fortnite is that the game has became so popular that it is no longer categorized as a bestselling game and it rather fits better in the “global phenomenon” category. Fortnite is part of the culture now and you can see NFL, NBA and European League soccer players celebrating their wins by doing Fortnite dances.

Fortnite Dance Moves

Talking about Fortnite dances, Epic Games who is the maker of Fortnite has actually be sued for the dances it uses. Seven people have sued Epic Games for broking copyright law by taking their special dance moves and then implementing into the game as emotes.

Most of the dance moves in Fortnite are inspired from iconic movies and music videos. In fact, the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air star Alfonso Riberio was among the first ones who sued Epic Games for stealing his dance.

What Alfonso Riberio didn’t know was that he was going to start a trend and more people have started suing Epic Games for copyright infringement, including the “backpack kid” who claims that he created the flossing dance.

Is Fortnite Damaging Culture?

The question that everyone seems to be asking nowadays is if Fortnite has started damaging the culture? Yes, having the dance moves in-game is fun but not when they are stolen from people who made their names off them such as Alfonso Riberio for example.

We think it’s safe to say that Fortnite needs to change its policy when it comes to “borrowing” dance moves and other trends from culture without asking for permission first. If not, Epic Games is going to get sued every other month and people are eventually going to lash back at Fortnite and the game will lose its popularity.

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