Top 5 USTVGo Alternatives: Stream Live TV on All Your Devices

As a former USTVGO user, you might be wondering what happened to the popular streaming service. Regrettably, USTVGO has seemingly shut down its services permanently, leaving its users seeking viable alternatives. USTVGO was well-known for its extensive library of premium live channels, excellent quality, minimal ads, and no account or sign-up requirements. Here are the top 5 USTVGO alternatives to consider, keeping in mind that some of these streaming services are unofficial:

  1. 123TV Now

    123TV Now is an excellent USTVGO alternative, offering over 80 live TV channels for free. Genres include movies, sports, family entertainment, and news channels. The website features a user-friendly layout with quick-loading streaming links and minimal ads. No sign-up process is required.


    USTREAM is an all-in-one streaming service for live TV, movies, and sports entertainment. With over 200 live TV options, a clutter-free interface, and HD-quality links, USTREAM is a reliable alternative. The service is available on multiple platforms, including FireStick and Android, and offers social media integration and a dark mode option at no cost.

  3. DirecTV

    DirecTV is a paid USTVGO alternative that offers a multitude of live TV channels, an excellent streaming experience, and DVR options. DirecTV provides over 70,000 on-demand movies and TV shows, depending on your location. The service offers various subscription plans, giving you access to diverse entertainment categories like news, sports, general, and music.

  4. DaddyHD

    DaddyHD is an ideal choice for those seeking a vast library of live TV channels and sports programming. With over 1000 live channels, a simple video player, minimal ads, and a smooth interface, DaddyHD delivers an impressive streaming experience. The website is free to use and doesn’t require an account or sign-up process.

  5. Yupp  TV

    Yupp TV primarily focuses on South Asian content but also offers channels suitable for a US-based audience. With over 500 movies, 250 live channels, and 100 TV shows, Yupp TV provides a vast range of content in 14 language options. The website’s streaming quality is excellent, and the content loads quickly. Yupp TV is entirely free to use.

These alternatives cater to diverse streaming preferences and offer a wide range of content options. As always, exercise caution with unofficial websites, and use a VPN to protect your online identity.

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