Top 4 Time Management Apps for Freelancers

Beyond the freedom to work in your own time and from the comfort of your own home, freelancers have to face certain hurdles in order to get the work done. The good news is that there are apps for every part of the freelance process with Siusto listing 4 invoicing apps that will ensure freelancers get paid on time.

Another challenge involves managing the work-life balance. Working at home can make you vulnerable to multitasking – like watching TV or browsing social media. Sometimes, you may even take on too much work, and get buried under the amount of projects you’re doing. These 4 time management apps will help you sort out your workload and get things done.


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Trello is a project management app that helps you visualize your work. In Trello you can create a board for each project then add items under those lists (called “cards”), where you can put comments, checklists and even attach files. Trello’s mobile layout is very user-friendly, and combined with its functionality can be a solution for freelance workers who have several projects on the go or working with other team members.


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Like Trello, Asana lets you set up tasks, organize them into projects, and set due dates. The factor that sets Asana apart from other project management apps is how it offers more workflow functionality. In CMS Wire’s Trello and Asana comparison, an Asana project workspace allows you to add and name a column for each step in a project cycle. Tasks are then added at the first step, labeled, then dragged across the workspace as they near completion. However, Asana has a lot of things going on in its project boards, and this can get confusing for first-time users.


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Evernote is a note-taking app that has the capacity to create, organize and sync your notes throughout multiple platforms. Computer World notes that the app really shines with its web-clipping tool. You can use this tool to capture screenshots, texts and even simplified versions of the webpage. Evernote can help you gather internet research without the hassle of copying and pasting or even downloading.


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This is a task management software where you can create projects, update their status, and plan your week. The app is connected to Google Calendar allowing you to see any upcoming deadlines and future tasks. If you have a bunch of ideas for a project, you can use Todoist’s inbox to store them.

The freelance market is extremely competitive with more people joining it each year. Yoss’s analysis of freelance hiring in the tech sector shows how companies are looking to only recruit from the top 1% of talent. This means that companies are not only looking for technical skills, but also freelancers who can manage their workload. As you become more successful and receive more work, you need to learn how to prioritize projects and finish them on schedule. Otherwise you’ll find it hard to be assigned work.

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  1. I’d like to add in this list any time-tracking tool, for example beesy/pro time-tracker (or upwork’s one…depends where you’re working). It oppens lots of possibilities, starts from exactly understending how much do you work, ending with more concentrated working mode.

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