Three New Iconic Games are Coming to the Switch Online NES Library

April is a good month to be a Nintendo fan! The Japanese based company has recently announced that it plans to introduce three new games to the Switch Online NES library and from the looks of it, Nintendo has kept true to its word. With that said, Nintendo Switch fans who want to play some older games that will bring them to a time when they needed to wait for their parents to fall asleep in order to play on NES all night long should be happy to know that they can play Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels, Punch-Out!! and Star Soldier.

New Switch Online NES Games

The trio of games that Nintendo has introduced to the Switch Online NES are great and there is no doubt about that! What makes these games stand out is the fact that they all are iconic NES titles that shaped today’s generation of gamers. Now, let’s check out the three games so that all Nintendo fans who didn’t play them back in the day know what’s coming their way.


Punch-Out!! is one of the original fighting games and it features Mr. Dream. The cool thing about this game is that players will start by controlling the character known as Little Mac and they will keep fighting legends of boxing up to the WVBA Champion himself.

Super Mario Bros. The Lost Levels

The second game that Nintendo is introducing is called Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels and it’s the perfect “fix” for Nintendo fans who have recently finished Super Mario Odyssey want some more Mario in their life.

Star Solider

Star Soldier used to be one of the most popular NES games and it features a vertically scrolling shooting gameplay style. Players will need to use their skills on the Switch controller in order to stop the giant computer known as Starbrain from taking over the galaxy.

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