The iPhone XR Seems to be a Disappointment

When the iPhone XR was first announced much thought that the new device will bring the Apple experience at a price that is more affordable for the general public.

The device has been available for a while but it seems that the excitement for the device has disappeared into thin air. Some analysts believe that the LCD display, which made the device budget-friendly, was, in fact, the weakness that drove many users away from it.

Apple introduced OLED displays three years ago and the market was quick to embrace the new technology.  Launching a device with an LCD screen, even if it is considerably cheaper in comparison to its OLED brothers, seems to have been a bad idea in the long run.

Some sources claim that the XR is the last iPhone to feature an LCD display.  In many cases people opt to buy the iPhone X because the OLED display looks and feels better.

Recent reports suggest that the iPhone XR sold below Apple’s expectations. Many hoped the success of the XR will prompt the Cupertino giant to release other budget devices in the future. The situation looks unlikely but there is hope.

A possible SE return

The iPhone SE returned on the market a few days ago. The period was quite brief since the device was on sale on the official Apple site for a few hours. People rushed to buy it and an out of stock message crushed the hopes of many Apple fans that weren’t quick enough.

A few voices believe that this was an experimented conducted by Apple in order to see if a smaller iPhone would sell well in 2019.  The answer seems to be positive since the demand for the SE remained high and many claim that it is the best i-device that saw the light of day.

While another XR is unlikely an iPhone SE2 would certainly sell well as old and new customers will rush to acquire the new device.

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