Tesla Pickup Truck Update – Best Ford F-150 Alternative

The upcoming pickup truck from Tesla is getting a lot of attention from prospective buyers. But no one has actually seen the vehicle yet. The only promotional material that Tesla have offered is a vague teaser. This happened earlier this year during the launch of the Model Y.

As you can imagine, the truck from Tesla has a real futuristic look on it. It looks like something from Bladerunner. Elon Musk referred to the vehicle as a cyberpunk truck. We currently have no idea whatsoever on how the pickup truck will be like but Elon says it will be ready to showcase by the end of the year.

Little things we know

Elon gave us some tidbits concerning the truck. Namely that it as a towing capacity of 300.000 pounds and it has been built to be a futuristic alternative to the Ford F-150. Because it will be electric, the truck will be quite fast.

As Elon even said it will be better than a Porsche 911. That means it will reach 60 mph in around 4 seconds, a little bit slower than the R1T truck.

So, the upcoming Tesla pickup truck will be a rival for the Ford F-150. That means it should also be competitive in terms of price. Reports are confirming this, as the price should start at $49.000, making the vehicle relatively affordable.

Will the Tesla pickup truck be for you?

Elon commented that the consumer should get a great truck for the sum of $49K and his company will deliver on that. The R1T will struggle a little bit to compete with the new Tesla as it is priced at $69K for the base model. The R1T Rivian will still win out with the more conservative customers that need pickup trucks.

The futuristic design might be kept but this means that it will take some time for consumers to adapt to the trends. Alternatively, Tesla might just provide a more conservative design to try and please everyone.

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