Sony’s Remote Play Skips Android Competitors, Only Enabling the Feature for iOS

The past years gaming on a smartphone or tablet has become a trend, considering mobile manufacturers keeps creating powerful devices that can run big games. Also, game streaming got more popular, but until now PlayStation 4 allowed home streaming only on a Sony Xperia.

Now, the PlayStation 4 got it firmware update – v. 6.50, introducing the feature called Remote Play. However, it only is available to iOS users that have a 6th gen iPad or better or an iPhone 7 or higher.

Download Remote Play From App Store

Remote Play can be found in the App Store, and you can use it to connect your iOS device to the console. Remote Play is also on Windows and Mac, and the fact that it only released for iOS devices is surprising, considering it already is available on the Sony Xperia.

However, there are some limitations – you cannot pair the Sony DualShock 4 controller to the iOS device, so you can play with the buttons on-screen. But the good news is that it supports MFi controllers – but don’t expect to actually be good at FPS games from the iOS device since the MFi pads don’t have the L3 and R3 sticks. You can play turn-based strategy games such as XCOM.

Another good news is that Remote Play works over the Internet. You can connect the phone to the same Wi-Fi network as your PS4 and use Remote Play. It is an excellent way to play your favorite (and more laid-back) game on your iOS device from a different room and let others watch TV, for example.

In the past, XDA developers used the Sony Xperia app for Remote Play and tweaked it so that it could work for other Android phones, but it has not been supported for some time, so there is nothing out there for other Android smartphones… yet!

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