Sony’s New PS4 Game Path of Exile is Available for Download

Good news for PS4 owners – a new game is available for a free download

PS4 payers, fans and owners have a new game to download for free. This time we are not talking about a trial released by Sony, but the actual game that can be added to your digital collection and stay there.

We are talking about Path of Exile, an action role-playing video game developed by Grinding Gear Games and published in 2013. The story of the game is that a player controls a single character from an overhead perspective. With your character, you will explore large areas, caves or dungeons, and you’ll be battling monsters. Also, you will have quests to fulfill and gain experience points and equipment.

The development team explains that if you get stuck, you can always ask for help and check for tips. Also, you can get another new character to start with. You’ll soon find out how to earn valuable items and achieve devastating skills as you go through the game.

Moreover, we don’t have a countdown timer for the game to be free on download. It’s also coming with all the updates available for the PS4 version.

Because it’s a free-to-play game, you will have items to buy, packs like the first Blood Supporter, Core Supporter Pack, Synthesis Supporter Pack, and Blood Weapon Effect.

However, the size of the game is under 10GB, and the prices of the packs are adjusted.

The game has an age rating of 17+, support for multiple languages, and a high score from reviewing ranking on PC.

Finally, Path of Exile is free for download on PS4, but you’ll need a PS Plus subscriptions if you want to have access to multiplayer.

More games are announced to arrive in April, so PS4 players will soon have Conan Exiles, The Surge- those two have been confirmed by Sony and available on April 2.

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