Snapdragon 855 Vs Kirin 980 Vs Apple A12 Bionic: The Battle Of The Processors

Computers are some of the most useful gadgets that we use. However, their heart and soul is the processor. The processor is the one that performs most of the tasks and it is definitely the most important part of any computer.

As technology evolves, so do processors. Back in 1971 the first one was launched. It was an Intel chip which was called 4004 and it had a 4-bit processing unit. Things have changed a lot ever since. Today we are going to compare some of the best chips on the market: Snapdragon 855, Kirin 980 and Apple A12 Bionic.

Snapdragon 855

This is the latest Snapdragon chip and it is supposed to be better than all the ones before. According to its official description, the chip is “harnessing multi-gigabit 4G connectivity while unleashing 5G experiences and providing some of the most advanced, imaginative technologies in the mobile industry.”

We already know that phones such as Google Pixel 4, OnePlus 7 and LG G8 will use it. It has an octa-core, and ARM Cortex A76+ ARM Cortex A55 (64 bits). Its clock speed is 1×2.84GHz (Cortex A76), 3×2.42GHz (Cortex A76), 4×1.8GHz (Cortex A55).

Kirin 980

There were more than 1000 senior semidconductor design experts that had more than 5000 engineering prototypes, and this was the final result. The clock speed is 2×2.6GHz (Cortex A76), 2×1.92GHz (Cortex A76), 4×1.8GHz (Cortex A55), and when it comes to CPU it has Cortex A76+Cotex A55.

Apple A12 Bionic

The performance of this chip is truly impressive. More than that, the processor uses real-time machine learning in order to improve itself. Its CPU is the Apple-designed 64-bit six core CPU and its clock speed is 2×2.49 GHz (Vortex), 4 cores known as Tempest.

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