Should Mac users download Adobe Flash Player on their device?

Is Flash Safe for Mac?

In order to not waste time, yes, Flash can run on Mac, and you will not come upon any major issues. However, it is not officially supported by Apple so with that being said some tweaking might be required first. If you still want Flash on your Mac, this is what you need to do before and after installing it:

  • Choose what Adobe Flash Players suits best your current iOS version by looking up a guide.
  • If you have any previous versions installed, you should get rid of them.
  • Before install close all applications.
  • Reboot your device when the installation finishes.
  • Head to Safari>System Preferences>Flash Player>Advanced then click Check Now after the device boots back up.
  • Relaunch Safari after closing it.

One critical step is to make sure that you are downloading Flash from the official site of Adobe. To avoid any confusion, you would better access this link: Before taking the matter into your own hands, make sure that the site you get the program from is

Alternatives to Flash

If you suddenly no longer want to download and install Adobe Flash on your device, you can always use Google Chrome instead of Safari. The reason why we mention this is that Chrome comes with an integrated Flash player and it does not need any extra permission. Aside from that, the flash comes turned on by, so you basically do not need to make any additional step.

There is also one more alternative, and that is to deal with websites built on modern technology. To be more precise, websites that support HTML5. It is not hard to find an alternative to your favorite website if you switch to Flash. You are only one quick online search away.

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