Samsung Galaxy Watch LTE Gets One UI Update with Improved Visual Graphics

Samsung is coming with a new update to its software. One UI from May 2019. The update is coming to an essential product from the company, the Samsung Galaxy Watch. The company doesn’t issue this update for the product, but since One UI is an integral part of Samsung, the update is precious for all its devices.

First of all, you must know what One UI is. The One UI is a software designed by Samsung for its devices, and its purpose is to provide a better User Interface experience. Samsung launches the software in 2018 alongside with the update to Android 9 Pie. Before One UI existence, Samsung had TouchWiz and Samsung Experience that was doing the same thing as the current one.

Second of all, you must know what the Galaxy Watch LTE is. Samsung Galaxy Watch LTE is a smartwatch model with 4G LTE incorporated and it’s featuring calling and high-speed internet connection in the little device. The smartwatch is offering a healthy battery life that lasts for four days and is looking classy at the same time. The design of the watch is efficient and, and it is a perfect competitor to Apple Watch 4, but at a lower price. Until now, the watch’s UI experience was lacking, but with the new update provided by Samsung, everything will change.

One UI Update to Galaxy Smart Watch – Features

Take note that the Samsung Galaxy Watch One UI has two versions, and because of that, the update comes with two different software versions. The difference depends on your location, so we have version R805USQU1BSE3 and version R805FXXU1ESE6. Let’s see what the update is bringing.

  1. The new addition of new animations and improved visual graphics;
  2. Now you can wake the watch by tapping on it since until now you were pressing the button from the side;
  3. You can keep track of your daily physical activities with the new feature added;
  4. You will see new notifications for different scenarios added from earlier events;
  5. New battery optimization is coming with the latest update to the One UI, and now the battery is saving itself by stopping some features.

Finally, with the new update of the One UI to Samsung Galaxy Watch LTE is improving your experience in a significant way.

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