Samsung Galaxy S10 New Leaks Details and Specs

Samsung plans to unleash its next flagship in February. Since the device was first announced countless forum threads were filled with discussions over the possible tech specifications of the device.

The latest leaks will certainly spark some fiery debates. The first one seems to be a leaked certification report for two of the three Samsung Galaxy S10 models that should be released by the company according to some sources. It seems that the third one is missing and it is thought that it may not be available in China, the source of the certification report.

The devices are mentioned under the SM-G9730 AND SM-G9750 codenames. It is likely that we are talking about the Galaxy S10 and S1O+ models while the missing one could be the S10 Lite. An interesting detail is represented by the fact that the report contradicts a previous rumor which mentioned improved fast charging capabilities. The Chinese reports mention the EP-TA200, a fast charger that can be already bought from the market.

Another source has leaked what looks like the internal storage space and RAM capacities of the future smartphone line. The information for each device is presented conveniently in a list format that can be found below. The numbers represent RAM and internal storage space in this order.

  • Galaxy S10 Lite: 4GB and 128 GB
  • Galaxy S10: 6GB and 128GB or 256GB
  • Galaxy S10+: 6GB and 128GB/256GB or 8GB and 512GB
  • Galaxy S10 5G: 8GB and 256GB/512GB or 12GB and 1TB
  • Samsung Fold: 12GB and 512/1TB

Other sources have also claimed in the past that Samsung may opt to include 1TB of internal memory space for the S10 5G. This version seems to be planned for South Korea but some claim that a US version will be provided to Verizon customers. It is likely that the S10 Lite will feature 4GB of RAM since this detail has surfaced before.

If Samsung manages to maintain public interest for the S10 line after the release we could see the most successful flagship line offered by the Korean company.

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