Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Gets Android Pie on T-Mobile With New Fixes

Samsung has rolled out the latest OS to its long list of smartphones eligible for the update, and now all Galaxy Note 9 devices on T-Mobile are about to get Android Pie.

Recently, T-Mobile confirmed on Twitter that they have just approved the Android Pie update for the Samsung Galaxy Note 9. The rollout of the update will soon begin, and should be available to all users by “early in the month,” mentioned a T-Mobile employee.

T-Mobile will begin the rollout in stages, and the update will be available as an OTA. Android Pie update will have a size of 1671.6 MB. If your device tells you that the new OS is available, make sure you have a stable internet connection, enough internal storage and battery for this update.

The only Galaxy Note 9 users that won’t have Android Pie 9 will be those that are at Verizon or have unlocked variants.

Android 9 Pie will bring essential features and the new One UI design. According to XDA developers, this update will also allow users to remap the Bixby button. If you don’t want to use Bixby, you can repurpose the button to open an app or a set of actions. Here is how to customize the button.

Remap Bixby Button on Galaxy Note 9 – Android 9 Pie Update

  1. Make sure you have the latest versions of the Bixby and Bixby Home services;
  2. Sign Up for the Beta program in the Samsung Members app for the newest beta updates to remap the button;
  3. Go to Settings -> Advanced functions Bixby key and customize the button
  4. Bixby has two options of keystroke – a single or a double one. You can use one for Bixby and the other one for a quick command or a different app.

Optional – if you do not use Bixby, assign it on a keystroke you rarely use, like a double press.

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