Red Dead Redemption 2 Online – New Improvements and Features

Even though we still have the beta version of Red Dead Redemption 2 Online and the official one has not come out yet, it did not stop its developer, Rockstar, from adding in new features through updates. On 26th of February, Red Dead Online will get some new features both on Xbox One and PS4, that being a new bounty and law system, weapons, and changes to the mini-map.

Your reputation matters

The equivalent of the campaign is the similar way in which the bounty and law system works. Initially, if you had killed another player who was considered a serious crime, your punishment would have been reduced honor and incured a high bounty while for minor offenses only your honor would have had to suffer. If a certain threshold is reached by your bounty, you will become the future victim of NPC bounty hunters as you will be wanted dead.

Other players would also know about your habits of committing dishonorable deeds. As part of the changes that happen to the mini-map, the other players will be able to identify the killers by a progressively darkening dot. Players who are honorable will be indicated by blue dots while the red ones would be set on people who, in a short space of time, had committed more crimes.

Mapping players

Over long distances, additionally, the player dots’ visibility will be reduced. According to Rockstar, your map position will not be displayed to other players, but only if you are within 150 meters away from them. In case you are further away, only firing your weapon will make you appear there. Players who will not be visible are the ones in other regions or towns. This way, repeated targeting will be prevented. Rockstar’s main aim is to minimize the types of destructive player behavior they have seen going on.

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