Recover Lost MacBook Files Quickly with Reliable Stellar Data Recovery Software

Lost data can become anyone’s worst nightmare. Starting with precious memories locked in photos and finishing with some vital documents for work, whatever data you may lose from your MacBook, it can totally ruin your day and night as well. But don’t freak out because these days there are plenty of solutions and you’ll definitely find one that can help you out in such a desperate situation and eventually become your MVP.

It’s just important that you acknowledge the fact that installing file recovery software on your MacBook should be done as a preventive measure. The reason is that otherwise, you risk overwriting your missing files during the installation process and we guarantee that you wouldn’t want such a thing. In other words, install the best file recovery software for your MacBook before disaster strikes in order to avoid any issues.

There’s a lot of software out there to choose from and making the best choice can be a challenging task. That’s why we’ve just tested such software to see how it works, and we’re recommending it to all Mac owners.

Steller Data Recovery Professional for Mac

First of all, the Stellar Data Recovery Professional for Mac is an advanced solution that will help you recover data from all Mac devices which include iMac, MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, Mac Pro.

This is a DIY Mac data recovery software which has the amazing ability to get back your precious documents, emails, photos, videos, and more from the very comfort of your workplace, just like their official website states.

Flexibility and advanced settings

One of the features we were looking for in such software is flexibility, and fortunately, we found it in Stellar Data Recovery Professional for Mac. The software provides a choice of quick options at the outset, and you’ll be able to perform a general search of deleted files or narrow the field to Microsoft Office docs, for instance. You can also try retrieving an entire folder if that’s the case, which is pretty awesome.

The advanced settings offer you the ability to preview files during the scans, and this is another feature we find extremely useful and necessary. Even if this will make the whole scanning process a bit slower, it’s totally worth it especially if you’re looking for lost images.

Specifying the file type

The Advanced Settings allow you to specify a particular file type if you know exactly what you lost and how the file was called. The software’s options are divided into various categories including documents, media, text and archive formats which you will find extremely useful.

The program will prompt you to choose a location, and one of the best things about it is that it also allows the recovery of a whole lost partition which is pretty rare in this kind of software these days.

After you’ve chosen everything you need, all you have to do is hit scan and wait. There’s also the option for “Deep Scan” which does take longer but it’s worth it because it turns up more results.

Closing words

Our verdict regarding the Stellar Data Recovery Software is that it’s great for both beginners and experts in such software because it brings a user-friendly interface, fast and reliable scans and a vast range of options. You will definitely not go wrong if you go with this software-retrieving solution for your MacBook or any Mac device.

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