Reasons Why Windows 11 Isn’t Going To Happen

A couple of years have passed since we received Windows 10, and it appears that this is the last Windows version we are going to receive. The announcement was made by Microsoft’s developer evangelist, Jerry Nixon, back in 2015 during the Ignite tech conference.

However, don’t panic just yet. This doesn’t mean that Windows won’t exist anymore. Instead, Microsoft is planning to change the way it delivers it. Instead of launching new versions, updates will be released. This is similar to the method used by Apple.

Windows is considered a service

Back in the day there were many rumours that Windows was about to end for good, as we all learned that there will be new OS versions. However, this isn’t how things will change. There numerous changes when it comes to Windows updates.

For example, users are now allowed to get their downloads from multiple sources, not just one. This means that the updates get around faster. Think about iOS and Android updates for your smartphone. The updating process will be a similar one for Windows as well.

Since Windows 10 has many apps, Microsoft can just update them when it is needed, without launching a brand new Windows version. This will save a lot of time and even money, and it is something that benefits both the company and the users. More than that, this means that Microsoft can offer its services to other operating systems as well. This something that we have seen happens with Office 365.

The name should remain Windows 10 as well. We haven’t seen a name change in a couple of years, despite the fact that updates were released. In fact, updates just add different version numbers, such as version 1809. While this doesn’t necessarily mean that Windows 11 won’t ever come out, we don’t see it happening anytime soon.

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  1. Seriously I think windows 10 is done! I really want want windows 11 sooner than this. The Bi-annual updates to windows 10 are just too much! And lots of people are complaining that windows 10 is not improving at all.

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