PlayStation Needs These Improvements To Truly Be a Next-Gen Console

After finding out the official news about Sony’s next-gen PlayStation through the company’s exclusive interview with Wired, we cannot help but hope that the PlayStation 5 (or whatever name it will get) will really be a next-gen console and not just an upgrade.

In the interview, lead Architect Marc Cerny revealed some of the specs of the new console, mentioning Backwards Compatibility, 8K graphics, compatibility with the existing PlayStation VR headset and a few more details. However, if Sony really wants to be successful with the PlayStation 5, here’s what they should include.

PlayStation Plus

PS Plus needs to be redesigned so that it will include PS5 and PSVR games. Being quite expensive itself, if PS Plus adds some PSVR games, it could make people want to get the tech.

Now that the backwards compatibility with the PS4 was confirmed, it should also offer a backlog of games so you can access them as soon as you get the new console.

PSVR Going Wireless

It’s a bit difficult to play with all those wires around you, almost turning your environment into a spider’s lair. Sony has to do something about it, or at least make a headset that needs less wires.

Backwards Compatibility for Digital Games

Let’s hope that the backwards compatibility feature will be not just for the physical games, but also for the ones bought digitally. More and more players are going digital, so it is only fair that the feature includes both digital and physical media.

Cross-play For Non-Exclusives

Third-party games and non-exclusives should be allowed cross-play, and it would be a good move from Sony to allow users to play with friends, no matter what platforms they use for gaming.

Better PlayStation Network

It would be great for the “PlayStation Network is down” announcement to appear less in the future. Many people pay PS Plus because they need the connection to the network and the future console should also benefit from better infrastructure.

Upgrading the PlayStation

Everyone would love to have a modular PlayStation console where you can easily upgrade the existing one every other year as we wait for a next-gen console.

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