Passengers Got on Wings to Be Saved After the Florida Plane Landed in Water Due to Thunderstorm

A military jet that carried 143 people landed hard on the ground, and then bounced and deviated, just when the pilot struggled to control it, when there were thunder and lightning. It then came off the runway and it came to a crashing halt in a river, in Jacksonville, Florida, at Naval Air Station.

All of this was terror and chaos for the passengers on board of flight Boeing 737, when the plane started moving back and forth and all the oxygen masks deployed. Then, the overhead bins opened, and everyone was terrified.

Authorities said that everyone on board got out without any critical injuries, getting on the wings of the plane, while waiting to be rescued.

They could not save the pets

NTSB – The U.S. National Transportation Safety Board sent a team of investigators on Saturday to see the crash site in the St. John’s River. The plane was partially submerged and its nose cone was sliced off from the impact. There were some pets on the plane, too, and their status was not cleared right away. There was a Navy statement on Saturday, saying that they are offering their hearts and prayers to all of the owners. They said that safety issues prevented people from going and immediately saving the pets.

The flight started its way on Friday, from the U.S military base in Cuba. It had 136 passengers and seven crew members. It was a regular flight, run by Miami Air International, which has many contracts with the military, too – including weekly flights between the Naval Station Guantanamo Bay, in Cuba, and the Jacksonville airport. Also, Andrews Air Force Base in Maryland. The company did not respond to messages immediately.

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