Pangolins Found in Their Natural Habitat Hugging Trees

A new video of huge pangolins shows these creatures at their most normal in Uganda. In the video, the creatures, which are the only mammals that have scales, are seen roaming around, sniffing for food. In one other clip, the baby pangolin stays on its mother’s back. In another, another pangolin is seen climbing a tree’s trunk. Another one is quite adorable, being tangles in a stick and hiking the vegetation that’s wrapped around its torso.

RFU and Chester Zoo gathered the videos

All of these videos were gathered by scientists from Chester Zoo in the United Kingdom, together with Rhino Fund Uganda (RFU for short). As you may have understood from the name, the organization is working to protect the rhinoceroses in Uganda. They keep finding pangolins while they’re on patrol. When Chester Zoo wanted to know more about the creatures, RFU was more than happy to help.

What do they have in common with rhinoceros?

They do share the same habitat, and, also, they have something else in common with rhinos: their scales are made of keratin, which is the same stuff that the rhinoceros horn can be made (also human fingernails and hair). These mammals are found across central Africa, and they weight about 35 kilograms (that’s 77 lbs).

These animals are listed as “vulnerable” on The International Union for Conservation of Nature lists. This happened due to the fact that climate change has altered their habitat. Also, humans have their part in this: they hunt the creatures for food and for the black market.

These creatures eat insects. They eat the insects with the help of their long tongues. However, there’s not much we know about them, other than we’ve already said.

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