Opera Touch Beta Program Available for iOS with Crypto Wallet

Opera made headlines a couple of weeks ago when it launched its cryptocurrency-oriented browser on Android. After the browser was well received, Opera has decided to finally announce that the iOS version of the browser for iPads and iPhones is coming soon. As a short summary, the browser is called Opera Touch and it has been specially developed for the sole purpose of making it easier for users to surf the decentralized web (also known as Web 3.0).

Opera Touch Beta Arrives on iOS

As previously mentioned, Opera Touch is designed to surf the decentralized web, but there’s more to the cryptocurrency-oriented browser than this. Opera Touch can also interact with apps on the Ethereum network and this is what really makes it special. Opera has yet to announce the official release date of the browser, but what the company did say is that iOS users can already sign up for a chance to become a beta tester and check out all the features that Opera Touch has to offer ahead of everyone else.

Built-in Cryptocurrency Wallet

One of the features that makes Opera Touch stand out the most is its built-in cryptocurrency wallet. The great thing about this cryptocurrency wallet is that it makes it possible for users to transact various ERC20 tokens and other Ethereum based assets such as CryptoKitties for example. “We are taking this step in response to popular demand from the Ethereum community,” said Opera in a recent press release.

HTC Partnership

We should also note that Opera has teamed up with HTC in order to create a special version of Opera Touch for HTC’s blockchain smartphone called Exodus 1. Nonetheless, the most important thing that Opera Touch will do is that it will increase the cryptocurrency adoption in the iOS userbase.

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